Energy Series: Nuclear Power

I’ve decided to start a short series on the different types of energy sources in use and their pros and cons. First, we’ll start with perhaps the most controversial energy source: nuclear. If you remember my Basic and Background Science post on Atoms and Elements, then you know that an atom is composed of a … Continue reading Energy Series: Nuclear Power


Priority Funding of Science Research

Each year a new national budget for discretionary spending is proposed, edited, accepted, and then used to divide up federal funds. Currently, the 2018 budget has been proposed and is undergoing edits. For reference, I’ll use the 2017 budget.1 Part of this discretionary spending goes to science and technology research, or Federal R&D.  It’s important … Continue reading Priority Funding of Science Research

Fluoride Water Treatment

For the past few years I’ve heard a lot about “nasty chemicals,” especially when people discuss their city water.  Municipality water in the US is treated in a multitude of ways, one of them being with chemical treatment. It’s common to add chlorine to kill dangerous microbes, or calcium to soften water. I wanted to … Continue reading Fluoride Water Treatment

Who should decide science policy?

So for the very first real debate, I wanted to ask who should make the decisions about science policy. There seem to be two different considerations: who should make the decision (elected official, science community, the public, etc.), and on what level should that individual/ group have authority to do so (local, state, federal, international)? … Continue reading Who should decide science policy?